Parent Involvement Plan

Brighton Elementary School    2017-2018  Parent Involvement Plan            

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Mission  StatementAt Brighton Elementary School our commitment is to provide opportunities for children to learn, achieve, and succeed in a safe and caring environment.


Our motto is “Bright Futures Begin at BES.”


Vision: Brighton Elementary School is dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for learning that supplies the necessary tools and resources to promote excellence in education and affirms our students as college and career ready.


BES Beliefs:

ü  Academic and social achievements are enhanced when learning opportunities take place in a safe, healthy, nurturing environment.

ü  Every child learns best through the combined efforts of the school, the family, and the community.

ü  Character education promotes self-esteem, self worth, respect for others, and responsibility for one’s own actions.

ü  School decisions and policies are made to ensure achievement, safety, and student success.

ü  Instructional approaches and assessments are varied to meet the unique needs of children.


These beliefs included in the Parent Involvement Policy have been jointly developed and agreed upon with the staff, families, and stakeholders.  The policy will be evaluated and updated annually. 


Policy Involvement

In support of the belief that school, parents and community members work together to promote the social, emotional, physical, and academic growth of students, the following policy has been implemented:

  • A parent night is held in August.  Parents are invited and encouraged to attend.  The policy, legal requirements, and the parents’ rights are explained.  Teachers discuss the standards along with the procedures for the classroom.  This is our Open House Night.  
  • Parents are involved in an organized, ongoing, and timely way in the planning, review, and improvement of our school through conferences, meetings, progress reports, newsletters, Schoolwide Messenger (call out system), and needs assessments.
  • Parents and staff of Brighton Elementary work together to develop a school compact, which describes the responsibilities of all involved in the education of students in the school.  The compact shall consist of suggestions compiled from surveys, meetings, and written correspondence.
  • Parents may request meetings with teachers and administrators of the school to offer suggestions and make decisions, which relate to the parental support and the education of their children.
  • Parents and staff will work together to promote students’ academic success by promoting healthy development at home and at school.
  • In addition to the previously mentioned means of communication, parents will also be informed through contacts, local report cards, and state reports.  All of these forms of communication shall serve to provide parents:
    1. Information about and interpretation of the school’s and the child’s performance.
    2. A description and explanation of the curriculum, assessment measures, and expected proficiency levels of students.
    3. Opportunities for sharing experiences, offering suggestions, and participating in decision making concerning the education and physical well being of their children.
    4. Timely response to suggestions.
  • local newspaper articles, our school’s website, formal and informal

Shared Responsibility for Student Performance

Brighton Elementary School and the parents will share the responsibility to improve achievement and develop a partnership to insure that children achieve the State’s high standards in the following ways:

  • The school will provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a nurturing and effective environment that will enable children to meet the state’s performance standards.
  • Staff will communicate ways in which parents are responsible for supporting his/her child’s learning.
  • Opportunities for access to staff, volunteering for services and civic activities in the school and community, and participation in class projects shall be provided and encouraged for parents.
  • In carrying out parental involvement requirements, Brighton Elementary School, to the extent possible, will provide opportunities for participation of parents with limited English proficiency or with disabilities, including the providing of information and school profiles in a language and form such parents understand.



Tennessee Parental Involvement Standards

Brighton Elementary School believes and embraces the following standards, as adopted by the State Board of Education 2010. 


Standard 1:  Welcoming all families into the school community—Families are active participants in the life of the school, and feel welcomed, valued, and connected to each other, to school staff, and  to what students are learning and doing in class and school.


Standard 2:  Communicating effectively—Families and school staff engage in regular, meaningful communication about student learning.


Standard 3: Supporting student success—Families and school staff continuously work together to support students’ learning and healthy development both at home and at school, and have regular opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and skills to do so effectively.


Standard 4: Speaking up for every child—Families are informed and enabled to be advocates for their own and other children, to ensure that students are treated fairly and have access to learning opportunities that will support success.


Standard 5:  Sharing power—Families and school staff are equal partners with equal representation in decisions that affect students and families and together inform, influence, and create policies, practices, and programs.


Standard 6:  Collaborating with community—Families and school staff work together with community members to connect students, families, and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services, and civic participation.  

Claudia Glidewell,
May 14, 2015, 4:56 PM