The mission of Brighton Elementary School is to provide the opportunity for students to learn, achieve, and succeed in a safe and caring environment.
"Bright Futures Begin at BES"

PHONE NUMBER: 901-840-9500
FAX NUMBER: 901-840-9519

School 2016-2017

The mission of the Tipton County School System, the leading catalyst for education, is to guide and inspire students to become model citizens who pursue postsecondary education and thrive in the global job market by engaging each student in challenging experiences led by quality educators in a safe and nurturing environment.

2018-2019 School Year Updates
* Due to allergies, we ask that no cupcakes are brought in for birthdays. For your convenience, please remember that we do have an assortment in our ice cream cart available in the cafeteria.
* If your child brings their lunch to school, it must be ready to eat. We will no longer have equipment for students to use to heat their lunches. 

Pre-K and Kindergarten Registration Dates

**Pre-K Dates: April 9th 8:30-3:00

                        May 7th 11:30-6:00

Student MUST be 4 by August 15, 2019

**Kindergarten Dates: March 7th 8:00-6:00

                                  April 4th 8:00-6:00

                                May 14 8:00-6:00

Student MUST be 5 by August 15, 2019

Any student entering school for the first time must present the following: 

Please note:  If you are unable to secure one of the items below, please contact the principal of your child's zoned school for assistance in enrolling your student.
  • A birth certificate or officially acceptable evidence of date of birth at the time of registration;
  • Evidence of a current medical examination. There shall be a complete medical examination of every student entering school for the first time. This applies to kindergarten, first grade, and other students for whom there is no health record;
  • Evidence of state-required immunization;
  • One proof of residence.

***For Pre-K ONLY Proof of Income (pay stub, taxes, etc)

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The Importance of School Attendance


**If you need a copy of the Family Access Form to create your account, please go to the "Contact Us" link to find a copy of the document.**

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