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The mission of Brighton Elementary School is to provide opportunities for children to learn, achieve, and succeed in a safe and caring environment. 




1.     Academic and social achievements are enhanced when learning opportunities take place in a safe, healthy, nurturing environment.

2.   Every child learns best through the combined efforts of the school, the family, and the community.

3.   Character education promotes self-esteem, self-worth, respect for others, and responsibility for one’s own actions.

4.   School decisions and policies are made to ensure achievement, safety, and student success.

5.   Instructional approaches and assessments are varied to meet the unique needs of children.




Brighton Elementary School is dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for learning that supplies the necessary tools and resources to promote excellence in education while helping to affirm our students as college and career ready by graduation.




“Bright Futures Begin at Brighton Elementary.”





Brighton Elementary School Student Handbook


Table of Contents


I.            Academic Honors.........................................................   Page 4

II.          Attendance...............................................................   Page 4

III.                Behavior..................................................................   Page 4

IV.          Breakfast................................................................   Page 5

V.            Bus Procedures/Conduct.................................................   Page 5

VI.          Classroom Rules..........................................................   Page 5

VII.        Dress Code...............................................................   Page6

VIII.        Dismissal and Arrival Procedures.......................................  Page 6-7

IX.          Emergencies..............................................................   Page 7

X.           Field Trips................................................................   Page 7

XI.         Homework................................................................    Page 7

XII.        Head Lice................................................................    Page 7

XIII.             Injuries at School.......................................................   Page 8

XIV.         Kindergarten.............................................................   Page 8

XV.         Lunch Procedures........................................................   Page 8

XVI.         Medication Policy........................................................    Page 9

XVII.             Nurse.....................................................................   Page 9

XVIII.      Outside...................................................................   Page 9

XIX  .      Parent Center............................................................   Page 9

XX.          Parent-Teacher Conferences...........................................   Page 9

XXI.       Parties....................................................................   Page 9

XXII.             Safety Procedures.......................................................  Page 10

XXIII.      School Age Child Care...................................................   Page 10

XXIV.       Telephones and Other Communication Devices.........................  Page 10

XXV  .      Volunteers................................................................   Page 10

XXVI.       Weather..................................................................   Page 11

XXVII.     Zero Tolerance Safety Policy...........................................  Page 11

XXVIII.    Family Involvement Plan.................................................   Page 12

XXIX.       BES Policy & Procedure Sign-Off Form................................  Page 13

              (MUST be signed and returned by both the student & parent each year)






I. Academic Honors

¨     Principal’s List All A’s in reading, English, spelling, and math. All S’s in science, health, and social studies in Grade 2. All A’s in reading, English, spelling, math, science, and social studies in Grades 3-5.  Conduct must be all S’s in all areas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

A/B Honor Roll B’s and at least one A for the nine weeks. Conduct must be all S’s in all areas. Special classes (P.E., Music, Library, Art, and Computer) will count on Honor Roll and Principal’s List. Students must have an S in these areas as well. Handwriting is not included.


II. Attendance

The attendance of students is to be regular, with excused absences carefully checked by the school principal or his/her designee. AN EXCUSED ABSENCE MUST BE MADE IN WRITING BY THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN AND MUST INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE STUDENT, THE DATES HE/SHE WAS ABSENT, THE REASON FOR THE ABSENCE AND THE PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE. All questions concerning school attendance records should be directed to our school attendance clerk.

                  A child’s absences shall be excused in case of:

            *Personal Illness

                        *Physician’s Note

            *Family Death – (Not more than three days absence shall be excused)

            *Religious Observances

                        *Absences other than those listed above will be unexcused.

¨NOTE: After being absent from school ten (10) days, a student's absence will only be excused upon the presentation of a health provider's statement (i.e. - Doctor's Note). Parent/Guardian notes will not be accepted as an excused absence beyond the ten (10) day limit. The parent/guardian will receive a letter from the school after the tenth (10th) parent note.

¨A student being checked in or out of school must submit a parent/doctor note for it to be excused. Please remember, 4 tardies or check in/outs are counted as 1 day absent from school. No checkouts after 2:15 p.m.

¨MAKE-UP WORK - In the event that a student is absent from school for three or more consecutive days, a parent/guardian may request make-up work from a student's homeroom teacher. All make-up work may be picked up in the front office from the school secretary after the third day of absence from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Students arriving after 7:50 must be signed in by a parent or guardian in the front office.  Signing in is very important for attendance records.   Students must be signed out in the office by an adult if they leave campus during school hours.  Photo identification is required of all individuals to check a student out of school and your name MUST be listed on the student registration form.


Perfect Attendance - Students who have been tardy or checked out early during school hours according to the attendance program and have not accumulated a full day's absence will be considered as having perfect attendance. Any unexcused attendance event (tardies and/or check outs) will disqualify a student from perfect attendance.


III. Behavior

All students are under the supervision of ALL SCHOOL PERSONNEL during the school day and related activities. Students have a daily schedule to follow. Any exception to this schedule must have specific teacher permission. Students must have a HALL PASS when going outside the classroom (Example:  restroom, water fountain, office, and nurse).

Office referrals will automatically result with N/U in conduct. 

(One office referral – N in conduct)  (2 or more office referrals- U in conduct)


¨      S.W.A.G. Club-(Students With A Goal) - School wide reward program that recognizes those students who maintain good behavior each grading period.  The reward is determined by a committee.

·       Must have an S in conduct

·       No office referrals

·       No more than 3 red cards given in cafeteria for misconduct

·       No bus suspensions




IV. Breakfast

¨      Breakfast is served each morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. Students may purchase breakfast for $1.00. All students who plan to eat breakfast must go to the cafeteria upon arrival to school. After eating breakfast, they are to go to their assigned areas. Breakfast will not be served after 7:40 a.m.


V.  Bus Procedures/Conduct

            Our goal at Brighton Elementary is to provide our students with the safest and most efficient arrival and      dismissal possible. For this reason, we ask that you help us in following a few rules and regulations in regards to school transportation.

Bus Route Assignments - One bus route assignment must be selected to ride for the entire school year. Exceptions will be made for the following reasons only:

      *Change of Address (Verification must be provided)

            *Change or Custody (Court Documentation must be provided)

            *Other (Must meet with Administration to discuss)


Phoning the School to Make Transportation Changes - Because safety is our top concern, we also ask that you not call the school office with changes to a student’s dismissal routine over the phone. The school secretary is unable to verify the caller when changes to a student’s dismissal routine are made; therefore we cannot accept phone calls requesting a change to a student’s transportation arrangements.


School Bus Behavior -The school bus is an extension of school activity; therefore, students shall conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with the established standards for safety and classroom behavior. Proper behavior on the bus is required of all students in the interest of safety for all passengers.  Students are under the supervision and control of the bus driver while on his/her bus, and all reasonable directions given by him/her shall be followed at all times. Video cameras may be used to monitor student behavior on school vehicles transporting students to and from school events. Students in violation of bus conduct rules shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with established Board policy and regulations governing student conduct and discipline. The following steps will be taken at the discretion of the school administrator when a violation of the SCHOOL BUS CONDUCT CODE occurs.

      STEP 1 - Probation, Corporal Punishment, Saturday School, or 3-Day Bus Suspension

      STEP 2 - 5 Day Bus Suspension

      STEP 3 - 10 Day Bus Suspension

      STEP 4 - 6 Week Bus Suspension

      STEP 5 - Loss of Bus Riding Privileges for the Remainder of the School Year


VI. Classroom Rules

         The following are the local school rules and regulations, which are intended to provide the proper educational             atmosphere:

*Students shall dress and groom in a clean, neat, and modest manner.

*Hats are to be brought to school for protection against cold weather ONLY.

*Personnel grooming is allowed ONLY in the restrooms.

*Textbooks, paper, pens/pencils, and other materials required by the teachers are to be brought to class by each student.

*Writing utensils of any kind MUST NOT be taken into the restroom.

*There will be NO sitting in or hanging out of the windows.

*Radios, tapes, CD Players, cell phones, pagers, cards, electronic games, lasers, and toys are NOT permitted.

*Brighton Elementary is not responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of any banned electronic equipment and is under no obligation to investigate the loss of such items since they are not permitted at school.

*Students must WALK at all times while in the building and when going to cars and buses.

*Gum is not permitted on school grounds.

*Rolling backpacks are NOT permitted at BES.


VII. Dress Code

Students shall dress in a clean, neat, and modest manner so as not to distract or interfere with the operation of the school.

All school attire must be knee length. Students may wear knee-length shorts/capris until Fall Break and then again after Spring Break.

Students are expected to wear tennis shoes at all times during the school day. Failure to wear appropriate shoes will affect a student's grade in PE.


*The following ARE NOT acceptable school attire:

-Shower shoes/flip flops

-Clothing with writing across the rear

-Caps, hats, or head coverings of any type

-Sunglasses, Biking shorts or Umbros

-Any apparel made from spandex material

-“Mesh” shirts, tank tops, “cut off” tops, or midriff bearing tops. All shirts MUST be at least short sleeve in length.

-Shirts and other apparel that display the use or consumption of alcohol and/or drugs or apparel that displays a suggestive or inappropriate message

-Body piercings with the exception of ear piercing

-Skirts or shorts must be knee length

- If leggings are worn, the top must be knee length or longer


The previous list is NOT all inclusive of our dress code. For the orderly and efficient operation of the school, the school administration may determine other attire to be inappropriate for school wear. Students who are considered to be in violation of the student dress code will be required to be in compliance immediately or be placed in In-School Suspension until he/she is in compliance. In extreme cases of dress, the student will be sent home to make corrections.

VIII. Dismissal and Arrival Procedures                

School hours are from 7:45 – 3:15.  Students are to be in their assigned homeroom no later than 7:50 a.m.  Students arriving at or after 7:50 a.m. must be signed in through the office by a parent or guardian and receive a tardy slip to be admitted to class.

If students arrive early (7:00-7:45), they will go to their designated area or to breakfast. Students eating breakfast at school must do so BEFORE going to homeroom, their hall, or the gym. Teachers will be on duty in all general areas of the school.


            Designated areas:

All students in grades K - 5 will go to the assigned room on their hall.

Remember: -NO ONE WILL BE ON DUTY BEFORE 7:00 A.M. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL BEFORE THIS TIME.  If arrival before 7:00 a.m. is unavoidable, please enroll your child in School Age Child Care. You may call 840-9517 for more information.


         Additional Dismissal/Arrival Information

At the end of the school day teachers are extremely busy giving final instructions and getting the students ready for home. For this reason, we ask that there be NO check-outs after 2:15 p.m. Any student checked out after this time will be released at 2:45 p.m. with walkers and riders. We do understand that emergencies arise and we are prepared to assist you with those cases.

Also, we ask that you inform your child/ren of how they will get home each day before you send them to school each morning. All students who ride a bus MUST choose ONLY ONE bus to ride for the duration of the school year. Students are NOT permitted to ride a bus other than their designated bus chosen at the beginning of the year. If their routine is to change, a written note signed by the parent or guardian, is required before we will allow them to go home a different way. This note should include your child’s name, their teacher’s name, as well as the address to where they are going. Please sign the note and provide us with a way to contact you for verification.

WE MUST HAVE A WRITTEN NOTE OF DOCUMENTATION FROM A PARENT BEFORE WE CAN RELEASE A CHILD TO GO HOME BY MEANS DIFFERENT THAN THEIR NORMAL TRAVEL. Because our secretary has no way to verify identification over the phone, please do not call the front office to change your child's way of transportation. In case of an emergency, you must speak with an administrator for approval. Please understand that this is for your child's safety.

Photo Identification will be required to check out your child from school. In addition, a written statement from the parent/guardian must also be provided so that any other person outside of a legal guardian may check-out your child. NO STUDENT WILL BE RELEASED UNTIL PROPER TRANSFER RIGHTS HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED. Please allow at least 20 minutes for student check-out during regular school hours.




To expedite student drop off in the mornings, we ask that you please stay in your car and use the drop off line.  Please DO NOT park and send your child across traffic. During morning drop-off, there will be no one available after 7:40 to supervise children.  All car riders will be dismissed at 2:45 p.m. Car riders are assigned to a pick-up lane in the afternoon. Please DO NOT change lane assignments without prior approval from a school administrator. This will help to eliminate overcrowding. Students will wait in their assigned lanes and a lane attendant will help your child get to you safely. It is imperative that you remain in or by your car at all times. If your child has not made it to your car and the lanes are ready to be dismissed, you will be asked to pull to the south parking area. Your child will then be sent to you when he/she arrives. Please remain in your assigned lane until you are directed to leave the parking area. This will eliminate the possibility of accidents and injuries that may occur from lane hopping. If you have not arrived to pick up your child by 3:05 p.m. each day, he/she will be waiting in the front office.

Afternoon dismissal times are as follows:

Walkers/Riders – 2:45 p.m.         S.A.C.C. - 2:50 p.m.          Bus Riders - 3:05 p.m.


IX. Emergencies

¨      Each student must have at least two working emergency numbers, other than the student’s home number, listed on their registration form. If any information on your child’s emergency form changes at any given time during the school year, it is the parent's responsibility to notify the school secretary, attendance clerk, and the homeroom teacher in writing so that changes can be made accordingly in our system.


X. Field Trips

¨      Field trips are scheduled during the year as a co-curricular activity. A student may participate in a field trip only if a permission slip is signed by his/her parent or guardian and returned prior to the field trip.


XI. Homework

¨      Homework is assigned to give students extra practice in their studies. Our staff designs homework assignments that reinforce each day’s class work and extend student learning beyond the classroom. You are encouraged to help your child set a time limit and a place for the completion of homework assignments. You may also help by listening to your child read and by taking interest in the school day happenings.


¨      If your child is missing more than 3 homework or class assignments, he/she will be referred for the ZAP Program (Zeros Aren’t Permitted).  This program is designed to reduce the number of incomplete classroom and homework assignments.  Zap is held after school on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:15-4:30 of each week.  Each teacher will accept the missing assignment/s, but points will be deducted from the final grade.  If for some reason your child cannot attend or does not complete the missing assignment/s during the ZAP day/s, your child will be assigned to ISP (In School Suspension) to complete the work. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide transportation after ZAP is over.

XII. Head Lice

¨      Any student found with live head lice will be excluded from school at the end of that day so treatment may begin as soon as possible.  A signed parent note stating the type of treatment, and the date and time the treatment was given will be required for reentrance to school.  The student will be checked by the school nurse for presence of live lice upon returning to school.  A student with nits (eggs of a louse) will not be excluded from school.  The parent will be notified so that he/she can monitor the student for the presence of live lice. 

¨      In order to prevent infection or recurrence of head lice at school, we request that you do the following:

         *Carefully check your child’s head each day the next week and once a week thereafter and shampoo daily.

¨      When infection is detected, immediately use the treatment shampoo. Also, wash all bedding and clothing in 140 degree water. Spray furniture and carpet with all chemicals recommended by the health department.


XIII. Injuries at School

¨      Students injured at school should report to a teacher for any needed assistance. As a matter of school record, all injuries occurring at school and requiring professional medical attention MUST be reported to school officials before insurance claims can be verified by school personnel.



XIV. Kindergarten

¨      In order to ease the transition into school, all kindergarten students attend a staggered schedule for the first several days of school. This allows for individual attention and a less traumatic beginning to school for your

       kindergarten child. Parents are informed of this schedule at the kindergarten orientation held before school      

       starts each year.


XV. Lunch Procedures

¨      Free lunch applications are issued to all students at the time of registration or at any time during the year. Applications MUST be filled out completely and signed before approval can be given. If you are requesting a fee waiver, the back of the application must also be checked and signed. We strongly discourage CHARGING lunches. Charging meals is considered an outstanding school debt and must be paid before we can release your child’s academic and attendance records each nine weeks.


¨      Meals may also be purchased on a weekly basis of $10.00 each Monday. Students may pay as much as they want on their meal account. (Example - $40.00 would cover lunch for four weeks.)

                  Full Price Breakfast     $1.00           Lunch       $2.00        Milk     $0.35

                  Reduced Breakfast      $0.30            Lunch       $0.40


¨      To check your child’s breakfast/lunch account register on


¨      Any parent/guardian wishing to eat lunch with their child may do so during their child's assigned lunch time during the day. Parents/guardians are asked to dine either in the courtyard or on the stage with ONLY their child during this time. Once your child's lunch time is over, please promptly return to the front office and sign out with the school secretary.


¨      Due to schedules and routines being established, we ask that parents NOT make plans to eat lunch with your child until after Labor Day. Also, during the weeks of TCAP/SAT 10 Testing, schedules will be changed to accommodate the testing schedule and we ask that parents not eat with your child during this week as well. Only adults listed on the student’s registration form may eat lunch with that child.  Administration has the right to refuse any adult permission to eat with a student if it will disrupt the normal school day or may cause a disturbance. 


       Cafeteria Rules

¨      Speak softly and use a six inch voice.

¨      Use good table manners.

¨      Keep your hands, feet, objects, and negative comments to yourself.

¨      Find a seat in your assigned area and stay seated.

¨      Raise your hand for assistance.

¨      ALWAYS walk.

¨      Permission will NOT be given to leave school for lunch.

¨      FAST FOOD and CARBONATED DRINKS are NOT permitted in the cafeteria.

¨      -Consequences for inappropriate behavior:

                              •Warning by lunchroom monitor or teacher

                  •LIGHTS OUT – MEANS NO TALKING

                  •Eat by yourself at a time-out seat

                  •Go to the assistant principal or principal

                  •Call to parents


XVI. Medication Policy

            A student who is to take medication of any kind at school (including over-the-counter) will need a medication             administration form signed by a doctor and parent/guardian.  The student WILL NOT be given medication at school             until this form is completed. Please complete the form in the back of the student handbook.

FEVER:  Any student sent home from school with a temperature of 100 MUST be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

If a student is vomiting or has diarrhea they must be 24 hour free before returning to school.  The school nurse will be able to call for parent pick up if needed.



XVII. Nurse

¨      Brighton Elementary has a full time nurse on staff. She is available to administer all medications and deal with most injuries and illnesses that occur while at school. At no time will any student be administered any medication without prior written doctor approval and documentation.  Nurse may use her discretion on calling about certain minor injuries.


XVIII. Outside

¨      Each grade level has daily recess time outside. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather and make sure that your child wears tennis shoes daily.

XIX. Parent Center

¨      The Tipton County Schools Parent Center is equipped with a wide variety of materials designed to help parents with different strategies and stages of their child’s academic progress. Group sessions are held throughout the year on a variety of topics. Announcements of upcoming workshops will be distributed and parents are encouraged to attend. Should you need any additional information, please call 840-9514.


XX. Parent-Teacher Conferences

¨      School-wide Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held once each semester. We encourage open and direct lines of communication between teachers and parents. Additional conferences may be scheduled to discuss your child’s academic activity when you or the teacher feels that it is needed. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like to make an appointment for a conference. School arrival and dismissal times, field trips, and other school sponsored events and activities are not appropriate for conferences. Students need the full attention of the teacher during these times. Your child's teacher will be glad to set up a formal conference time to meet so that he/she may give the full attention and counsel that your child deserves.


XXI. Parties

¨      Parents may send individual, store bought snacks for your child's birthday. Distribution of snacks will be at the teacher's discretion during the school day.

¨      Invitations for parties that will take place away from school will only be handed out to the entire class. Passing out invitations to select students in your child’s class is NOT ALLOWED. The only exception is that girls may give invitations only to girls and boys may give invitations only to boys, but all girls/boys in their class must receive an invitation.

¨      Our classes will have two designated parties during the school year: a Christmas party and an End-of-the-Year party.  All parties should last no longer than 45 minutes (including clean up).








XXII. Safety Procedures

¨      All BES faculty and staff wear identification badges at all times.

¨      All visitors are required to sign in through the office, show proper identification, and wear a visitor's badge while on school grounds.

¨      No one is allowed to pick up your child from school unless they are listed on the student's information form in the front office.

¨      Custody papers and red alert papers are kept on file and carefully reviewed.

¨      All exterior doors with the exception of the front doors will be kept locked.

¨      Fire drills are conducted monthly as mandated by the state.

¨      Tornado, fire, earthquake, and emergency drills are conducted in a calm, orderly manner and practiced during the year as set forth in the Tipton County Policy Manual.

¨      All students realize that the faculty and staff of Brighton Elementary are in charge at all times and should report any unsafe condition or incident immediately to an adult.





XXIII. School Age Child Care

¨      School Age Child Care (SACC) is available at a reasonable cost for students who need supervised care before and after school hours. SACC opens each morning from 6:00-7:15 a.m. and again in the afternoons from 3:15-6:00 p.m. The BES faculty and staff are not on duty until 7:00 a.m. All students arriving at school before this time MUST be enrolled in SACC. Please call 840-9517 for more information and details.


XXIV. Telephones & Other Communication Devices

¨      All school telephones are business phones. Students are not allowed to call parents without written permission from the teacher before using the phone.

¨      Students are NOT permitted to have beepers, pagers, or cellular phones on school property. These devices will be subject to confiscation and either be turned over to the parent/guardian or to law enforcement officials. At no time shall Brighton Elementary School be responsible for preventing theft, loss or damage to personal multi-media and/or communication devices brought onto school property.


XXV. Volunteers

¨      There are a number of ways in which parents or guardians can help us to offer the best education experience possible for your child. Volunteers are needed for individual student assistance, classroom assistance, and classroom celebrations. Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in volunteering. Volunteers must go through a background check.  Applications are available in the office.

¨      Parent-Teacher Organization – PTO is an important part of our school.  Your regular participation in PTO activities gives you the opportunity to be a part of your child’s school.

¨      Visitor Policy – Please use the main entrance when coming to school during the day. The main entrance is located next to the office. All visitors must check in at the office (anyone who is not a student at BES or an employee of the school system is considered a visitor) and passes will be issued.

¨      BES staff will ask to see your pass and ask you to return to the office if you are in the building without a pass. We want to be sure everyone who is in the building with your child has checked in through the office.

¨      Visitors may not stand in the hallways before or during afternoon dismissal. If you must come in, please wait in the front office.

¨      Parents who need to see the teacher will need to send a note in advance or call to make an appointment. Arrival/Dismissal time is NOT the time to conference with your child's teacher.

¨      We are grateful for your support to help make our school a safe and secure place.





XXVI. Weather

¨      Radio and TV stations will be called in the event of school closings, early dismissals, or late openings. These stations will be contacted in this order:

¨      93.5-Radio-WKBL

¨      Channel 29-TV- Local Cable

¨      Channel 3-TV

¨      Channel 5-TV

¨      Channel 13-TV

¨      Channel 24-TV


XXVII. Zero Tolerance Safety Policy

Brighton Elementary School wants to ensure that all students are able to come to a school where they are safe from harm and feel safe.  In order to ensure this for all students we have a Zero Tolerance Policy in effect regarding the following actions:

Bringing any kind of weapon (i.e., knife, gun, sharp dagger-like object, play weapons, etc.) to school and having them on school property as well as using them in any kind of threatening or dangerous manner.

Drawing pictures or writing things that communicate or depict weapons or other objects being used in a threatening or harmful manner towards others or themselves.

Making any kind of threat to hurt or harm any other individual or themselves.


All students will be informed of the school’s Zero Tolerance Policy at the beginning of the year and then given reminders throughout the year.  The information will be given to them by members of the school administration, school counselor and social worker, and by their teachers.  Students that disregard this policy after they have been fully informed of the expectations and the consequences associated with the School Zero Tolerance Safety Policy may expect some or all of the following discipline interventions to occur:

In-school placement

Out-of-school suspension

Corporal Punishment

Conference with parents, school administrators, teacher, school counselor, school social worker, and school law enforcement officer before student can return to school.



Brighton Elementary School
Family Involvement Plan


Brighton Elementary School wants to strengthen partnerships with families and the community. BES has developed with parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators a family involvement plan which correlates with Strategy Three - Community Involvement, of the Tipton County Five-year Strategic Plan, 2005-2010. The plan for BES will be included in the student handbook and all Family Involvement documents.

Policy, legal requirements, and parent/guardian rights will be explained at an annual meeting in the fall. Meetings will be offered at times that are convenient for families and teachers. Also, meetings can be offered on an individual basis.

BES will continue to involve parents, guardians, teachers, and the community in the development, review, and improvement of our school program. 

¨     Families will be provided with timely, on-going information through our web site, newsletters, calendars, conferences, and meetings.

¨     Progress reports will be sent home each 4 ½ weeks. 

¨     Scheduled parent-teacher conferences will be provided twice a year. 

¨     The teacher will discuss the” Student–Parent-School Compact” as it relates to the individual child’s achievement at the conference. 

BES monthly calendars, individual teacher newsletters, and our school web site will provide information about the activities and programs. The school staff will communicate the information in a language families understand.

BES will have a back-to-school night in which the curriculum and academic assessments are highlighted. The proficiency levels students are expected to meet will be discussed with families.

BES will provide information that helps families work with their children to improve academic achievement and to provide literacy training as necessary. This will be done through programs such as the BES Literacy Lab, the Tipton County Family Learning Center, and the Adult Basic Education Program.

Each year the “Student-Parent-School Compact” is reviewed and revised according to parent and staff input gathered by the School Improvement Planning (SIP) Team and staff.



2015-2016 Brighton Elementary

Student Handbook

Student's Name_____________________________________________________


Teacher: ________________________________                                Grade:  ___________


***Please read, review, and discuss the Brighton Elementary Student Handbook in its entirety with your child and then sign and return this completed page to your child’s homeroom teacher.

Please Note: The Brighton Elementary School Student Handbook may be reviewed in its entirety on our school website at at any time throughout the school year for your convenience. You may also request a hard copy of the handbook from the front office at any time.



I have read and agree to comply with the following policies and procedures outlined in the Brighton Elementary School 2014-2015 Student Handbook:




Student's Signature                                                    Date




Parent/Guardian's Signature                                           Date




*Please remember that corporal punishment is a recognized form of discipline in the State of Tennessee.  The administration and faculty of BES feel that only in extreme cases should corporal punishment be administered. Parents/guardians desiring an alternative form of discipline may pick up a form addressing this in the school office. This form must be completed with input from your child’s homeroom teacher and then submitted to a school administrator for final review and approval.

Claudia Glidewell,
Jun 29, 2015, 9:26 AM